Retailers, commercial property owners and managers continually search for ways to increase sales, and yet each day they lose opportunities to convert browsers into buyers. i-Traffix shopper insights solutions deploy state of the art cognitive video technology to analyze the start till end of the "moment of truth" when consumers walk in and out of retail locations. This population profile is determined by female/male, adult/child and other differentiation factors i-Traffic can track. Current store's digital transaction are easily integrated to create the detailed landscape for which optimization can later be applied. Increase profitability, selling efficiency and customer service, and other business improvement.

i-Traffix cognitive vision technology, never available before, can make the difference in your location in the near future. Read more

  • Visitors directional classification by gender type
  • Visitors directional classification by adult/child type
  • Children in trolleys tracking
  • Visitors directional classification based on local specific features (such as uniforms, hat etc.) using cognitive learning engine
  • Queue monitoring and analysis for improved queue management
  • Average visitors' shopping time measurement
  • Average number of visitors in various parts of the store
  • Leverage current CCTV infrastructure (where possible)
  • System scalability
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